CFFA3000 Card


Finally my CFFA3000 card arrived the other day. For some reason Rich’s email made its way to my spam folder and I did not see it, hence the longer delivery time. This card is pretty amazing. I’ve even started to make official backups of my original Apple II software. I’m using a compact flash 1GB card but I find it's a lot easier just to have a USB extension cable connected at all times and use a USB pen drive when needed. Makes life a lot easier when your copying from one machine to another.

I do notice its quiet slow in reading. I’m not sure if this is deliberate or not? But Ultima V takes the same time to load as with using the real floppy disks. As a last minute decision I ordered the remote controller. This is an essential extra if you want to change disk images when a game or program is running. Some of the later games like Ultima V have 8 disk images.

CFFA3000 remote

I’m not sure if I should have purchased a second CFFA3000 card as I’m not sure if Rich will continue to make these cards. Oh well.

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