Passport Designs MIDI interface card

There is not much info on the web about this card. The Wikipedia has some information but no photos. It's a very rare and hard to come by card but saying that most Apple II hardware is getting harder to find each day. The Passport Designs MIDI interface card allows you to connect midi devices to your Apple II o Apple IIe. Even some games like Origin’s Ultima V supported this device allowing the games music to be enhanced using MIDI for the sound track. Something Sierra would do with Roland’s MT32 in the years to come.

The card has midi in/out, thu plus for all your analogic minded people out there, tape sync in/out. Pretty much all you needed back in the days of midi. Do read the manual linked at the bottom of the pages as it goes into further details on connection and using the card. Thanks to Phillip for the scans of the card.

The front side:

Passport Designs Midoi Interface