Passport Designs Sound Chaser kit

Sound Chaser

Passport Design’s famous Sound Chaser. This only just pre-dates midi. Midi was introduced just a little later but then started dominating the market and these types of products slowly disappeared and midi rapidly took over. It took me a while to get this all up and running. At first I tried to get it running on an Apple IIgs but had no luck. I think there are too many changes with the Apple IIgs’s hardware and the Mountain Music System cards seems to just roll over and die. Makes a sort of humming sound and thats about it.

With my Apple IIe I have had no problems. Even the light pens seems to work. Amazing technology for the early 1980’s. Read More...

Murphy's Law

Talk about Murphy’s Law. I just blew one of the bus controller chips in my Apple IIe. Arrggh. I should have noticed the midi interface card did look at little too homebrew and should be inserted with extreme caution or in my case not to be inserted at all!

Blown Chip Homebrew Midi Interface

Problem found !!


Darn video rom was faulty. I assumed that these could not be easily located so I found a cheap auction on eBay for another Apple IIe PAL. Lucky, as last night I was testing the new Apple IIe with a midi interface card and suddenly a pop, then a strong smell of burnt electronics. Arrggghh. I could have died. The darn mini interface card shorted something out. I then tried to boot and I have this screen. Arrgghhh!!!

Ram and Rom griefs

Last night I spend quiet a few hours carefully removing every ROM on the main board, cleaning and reseating. Still no luck. Whistle looking for rom references in google I stumbled across a French forum and one of the users seemed to have the same problem as me:


The resolution was to change the video rom. hmmm. I’m not sure if these rome are available these days. That is my next mission. Meanwhile I’m bidding on a UK Apple IIe PAL just in case. I can then use one of these Apple IIe’s as spare parts.

BTW: Here is my posting on


Apple IIe PAL arrives

I decided to start this blog solely for the purpose of remembering the changes and reparation Im doing on my Apple IIe (PAL). Here is the photo from the ebay listing. The description was a working Apple IIe. Little did I know ZeeGermans can’t be trusted….

Apple IIe PALApple IIe PAL