TFT Monitor doubts

My Apple IIe (PAL) has a switch which lets me select between colour and monochrome but the strange thing is when flipped to monochrome I notice the refresh rate seems to be much higher. The screen seems to flicker less. This could be due to my TFT monitor I’m using. I pick up some tamagochi band euro connector PAL TFT monitor real cheap. Still not sure though if the interference is due to the monitor’s quality or from my Apple IIe? I’ve tried the same monitor on another Apple IIe and I get the same results. Here is a photo of the switch.


I’ve included a quick video of the different switch settings. Colour and monochrome. I’m not sure if this is really an issue or if all Apple IIe PAL have problems displaying colour on a TFT monitor? Would a colour composite monitor make a difference? . It seems to get worse the longer my Apple IIe is switched on.

23/09/2012 - UPDATE: I changed my composite to scart connecter for a composite to s-video connector and now have a very stable image. Text mode is very readable and not as harsh on the eyes.
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