Juiced.GS - A quarterly Apple II journal

Juiced.GS Magazine

I stumbled apon this magazine a while back and instantly subscribed. These days there are very few printed magazines about the Apple II left in circulation. I’m all for saving tree’s but I just can’t bring myself to purchase a pdf or electronic copy. Its just not the same as thumbing through the pages. Don’t get my wrong I poses an iPad and use it everyday.

Memories float back of the old days and Phrack magazine, underground press. This months issue even includes a 5 1/4” floppy disk with demo music from David Kruszyna. The same stuff as from the assembly parties back in the early 90’s.


My only quibble with this magazine is it a little short. Would be great to see some old adverts or game reviews from the past, this way it would feel a little heavier and more packed. I’m sure Jason Scott could assist with this. To subscribe to the magazine please visit: http://juiced.gs/

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