Fun with Wizardry

If you have ever had an Apple II or an old 8086 PC then you would have surely played Wizardry. One of the first CRPG games. I only briefly touched on it back in the good old days and I can’t really recall the reason for not really getting into it.

Wizardry Apple II

I managed to get a second hand copy for the Apple II off eBay for €20. So you can imagine I was well chuffed. I’ve seen it selling for around €150 which is just crazy. I’m using my new TFT monitor but not too happy with the resolution. From what I’ve read when you go down the TV road the text is quiet blurry and there is really nothing you can do about it. I was temped to use my monochrome composite Apple II monitor. I will keep looking for a colour composite monitor and see if this improves the quality of display.


With all the nagging out of the way I formed my party and headed into the maze. I was surprised how darn hard this game is. I have been playing for about a week now and keep getting my arse kicked. I hardly venture into the maze and my party get slaughtered. I’m using the stock standard Fighter, Fighter, Priest, Thief, Mage, Mage party, as recommended by the manual. I’ll keep grinding away to get my characters to a decent level so I can venture deeper into the maze, thus one step closer to my plan of word domination.

As for my plan of world domination its quiet simple really. Get enough stats so my fighter can become a samurai and my thief a ninja. With this party I shall clock Wizardry 1, 2 and 3 thus allowing me, as Werdna to take vengeance on all those pity souls and get my amulet back. Sounds easy on paper but knowing that Wizardry 4 was voted as one of the hardest CRPGS of all time this could pose quiet challenging. Stay tuned but don’t expect anything soon. I’m not going to blog my way through the games as there are plenty of other sites doing this and much better than I ever could.

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