Video component video card

Apple IIe Component Video Card

To try and resolve my on going video problems with my Apple II PAL editions I located this store in Japan. Hand crafted and made to order boards that seemed amazing. Only one catch. Seems they are NTSC only as I’m getting some really strange results. The webpage for the cards is:

Here is Wizardry 1 using the component video card. Notice the hard to read text.

Wiardry 1

This is the output from the onboard composite video card.

Wizardry 1

The standard colours on the video component board seems much more lively and no frequency or refresh rate problems:


This is the standard output via the comp side connector. See the fresh and frequency problems?


I’m really still not sure what is going on with my video output and continue to investigate.

UPDATE: I’ve spoken to the creator and he did not mention this is a NTSC only card. Doh! I’ve offered to send him my Apple IIe PAL Logic Board to design the PAL version. Lets hope he can. This is my only hope to resolve my darn video nightmares.

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