Serial problems arrgghhh

I guess if all my Apple II stuff worked then it would be quiet boring. Half the fun is working out what is wrong and how to fix it. hmmmm.. I had a simple task ahead of me. Create a floppy copy of Ultima V so a friend could test out the graphics on his Apple IIe NTSC version to see if the graphics are displayed like my PAL version. My endless video problems seem to have no solution. The fact is I don’t even know if anything is wrong. Maybe all PAL Apple IIe’s graphics look like mine? As I have no reference I need to go about this the hard way.


So I located a new box of 10 double Density 5 1/4” floppy disks and fired up ADT-PRO. Errors…..more errors.. And this was on my Apple IIGS which worked a few months ago. arrrggh. I then tried my Apple IIe and the Super Serial card. Strange things are a foot at the Circle K. Looks like I have screwy Super Serial Card too. Darn. I’m sourcing one now. Fingers crossed it works.

*****Update: The problem in the end was with mac Mac Pro. The driver I was using was not installed correctly. I removed it and used the standard Aten one.
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