Origin Systems

Origin Systems

It's amazing to look back at the quality of products available back in 1989. They really did push the hardware to the limits. While Origin systems was busy releasing Ultima V Sierra Online was releasing Space Quest III, Leisure Suite Larry 2 and many more.

Uimta V

The amount of detail and programming that went into Ultima V is mind boggling. Garriot states that over 200 hours of game play with more than 30 multi-level towns to explore. This is probably one of his finest stories ever conceived. To be honest its one of the Ultima’s I’ve never ever really played. I think the main reason was because it just seemed so overwhelming, so big and so difficult to complete. I even poses the hint book but its pretty cryptic too. This was to mark the end of an era with Apple II. The next Ultima’s were released only on the IBM PC. The original box contains: The Book of Lore, Underworld Journal, Cloth Map (16x16" / 40x40 cm), Codex Coin, 4x 5.25" FD, Player Reference Card, Reference Card Update, Quick Reference Card, Reg Card, [Quest for Clues Ad, U5 T-Shirt Ad]


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